About Us
Pick's Poker Tables began with a few guys who regularly play poker on a kitchen table. We decided it would be nice to have our own poker table to play on. We looked at several tables locally and on the web but found them to be too expensive. A couple of us decided to build a table ourself the way we want it and it would be cheaper than ordering on line or buying locally. Now that we're playing poker on our own custom made poker table, other guys have mentioned that I should build and sell poker tables on the side. I have full time job as a software sales manager for Linoma Software (company plug - if you need to encrypt data on the iSeries/System i, be sure to check out our field encryption product called Crypto Complete. We also have a browser based cross platform product called GoAnywhere which automates data transfers, pumping of data and encryption. Check them out or contact me at work if you have interest) but since I love playing poker and enjoy working with wood, I thought building and selling poker tables would be fun and a nice hobby for me in my spare time. You can be sure I'll put as much time and quality into your table as if it was my personal table.

I build the tables in my garage. You're welcome to stop by and take a look at my personal tables or what
I'm currently working on. I live in the Tiburon South area of Omaha, NE (just off of HWY 370 & 168th Street East of Gretna)..
Call or mail me if you'd like to set up a time to come look at the tables I have or to discuss building a table for you.

Some day, hopefully you'll see me playing in the World Series of Poker. :-) Give me a call or email if you have any questions or would like a custom quote sent to you.